Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Homemade Piggy Banks

Super Tot loves the gold coins in our St. Patrick's Day Sensory Bin.  They are the first thing he plays with when we get it out, so I thought I would make him a little bank to go with them. I started off making a standard pink pig.  

I used an empty plastic container I had on hand and simply glued on a button nose, google eyes, and some ears & a tail cut out of pink craft foam.  I glued the same foam around little wooden blocks (I only had primary colors, so paint wouldn't work), then glued them onto the bottom.  Lastly (though I should have done this first), I cut a slit using a craft knife.  I wasn't being careful, so the plastic actually split, but I put a dab of glue over the split and it was fine.  

Super Tot was having so much fun with it, when Princess asked if I would make one for her, too.  I decided I would make another, but that I would make this one green, to go along with our St. Patrick's Day bin! 
For the green pig, I found another empty container that just happened to have a green lid!  It was perfect!  I used a green button for the nose, the same google eyes as the first pig, green craft foam ears/tail, and blocks for the legs that were already green.  I was more careful cutting this slit, so it was perfect.  

I love that the green pig has a twist off lid for Super Tot to open and close!  The pink pig's just presses into place.  Super Tot really enjoyed it, too!  I now have the green pig in our Sensory Bin, but will keep it with our regular Tot Tools once we switch out the Sensory Bin.

These were super easy to make and only took me a few minutes each.  

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  1. So, so, so cute! What a great idea. Thanks for linking to Montessori Monday. Would you mind placing a link back to my blog so that your readers can follow to see all the lessons shared by others? Thanks! :)

  2. Very cute idea and like to make this cute piggy bank for kids. Thanks for sharing. You can also check out my counting activities

  3. So cute! I love the piggy banks. Thanks for sharing your great idea.

  4. Very cute! Also love that you have presented them on a tray. My E has a large piggy bank and it is not ideal for every day use. I may give your banks a try for our shelves. Kerri

  5. I love these piggys! They are super cute! I never seem to have cool containers like those. I have some gold and green coins like yours that will be going in JJs St Patty's box. I was hoping to get a teeny container to make it as a pot of gold, but I must admit the green pig is so much cuter!!

  6. So clever! My little guy is obsessed with his "moneys" (Chuck E Cheese tokens). I know he would love this!

  7. co clever & cute! I am loving these! I must try them with my girls - they love piggy banks!

    New Follower via Hip Homeschool hop!

  8. Always love to see recycling of things around the house!! These little piggies are adorable and so "affordable" too! Thanks so much for sharing them with us.


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