Thursday, January 17, 2013

Easy DIY Alphabet Matching Game

I was recently at Dollar Tree and happened to look through the school/office section.  I didn't expect to find anything exciting mid-year, but I found these adorable classroom decorations and immediately knew what I wanted to use them for.  

Super Tot and I are working a lot on learning the alphabet right now, so I thought doing an uppercase/lowercase letter match with them would be perfect.  I didn't want 26 (x2) pieces spread out all over, so I decided to make them attach to each other when he matches them.  Here is a simple tutorial for what I did.

I present these to Super Tot in two bowls - one with the worms and one with the apples.  He lays out all the apples (uppercase) and places the correct worm (lowercase) in each one.
I also purchased a second set with frogs and lily pads, which I intend to use for something similar.  Additionally, I have enough of the apples and worms left to do numbers 1-10, which I am excited about, too!