Saturday, May 21, 2011

365 Things We Love About You


This past Christmas, we wanted to make a special gift for Super Daddy, so we decided to make him a jar full of things we love about him - 365 reasons, to be exact!  It was a super easy and fun gift to make, and he enjoys it every single day.  He says it is the best gift he's ever gotten!  

With Father's Day coming up, I thought I would share the idea with you.  Obviously, this could be adapted for any parent, child, spouse or other loved one.

This is an inexpensive and precious gift, as well as environmentally friendly!  

Empty Jar - clean, no lid necessary
Construction paper cut down to 8 1/2" x 11"
Computer & Printer
Fabric scrap
Ponytail holder or rubber band
Scissors or paper cutter

Start by making a list of 365 things you love about the person.  Think outside the box and be creative!!  I created mine on the computer and used automatic numbering so I would know when I had 365 items.  Then, I removed the number formatting so it was just the list without numbers.  Be sure to double space your list.  

Next, print the list onto the construction paper.  The construction paper fits right into the paper tray and prints well.  
 Once the list is printed, use a paper cutter or scissors to cut the items into individual slips of paper.  
 I folded each slip in half, and then in half again.  As I folded them, I placed them into the jar, so I mixed up the colors as I went.  They were REALLY smashed down tight to make them all fit.  
 Once the slips were all in the jar, I used a ponytail holder to "seal" the jar with a piece of scrap fabric.  

Lastly, I printed off a label that said, "365 Things We Love About You!" and affixed it to the front of the jar.  

Super Daddy takes one slip out to read each morning.  He actually put a second jar next to this one on his dresser, and puts the slips in the new jar once he reads them.  When I asked him why, he said he wanted to save them so he could do it again next year!!  

I know this simple gift is something that is a daily reminder to my husband of how much we love him.  It truly lifts his spirits and starts each day out with a smile!

I have been asked by several people to share my list.  I am happy to do so, but cannot post it on my blog because my husband hasn't gone through all the slips in his jar yet.  I would hate for it to be ruined for him by even accidentally seeing the list!  Please click the contact me link above and send me an e-mail if you would like a copy of my list to assist you in coming up with 365 items.  You could also do a "100 Things We Love About You" jar, should you still have trouble coming up with enough items.
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Monday, May 16, 2011

Summer Reading

Our family LOVES books!  Princess would rather read than do just about anything else.  Super Tot isn't reading yet, but he loves to be read to and to just look at books.  That being said, we have no problem with getting in lots of summer reading.  

While we don't need any incentives to get our children reading, I always enjoy having a summer reading program, just for fun.  Ever since Princess was in Kindergarten, I have been doing Summer Reading Bingo with her.  I have used this Summer Reading Bingo incentive with various homeschool and church groups, as well as just at home.  It has always been a big hit with kids of all ages.  If you have younger children who are not yet reading, you can read to them!

I use the BINGO sheet shown below and have Princess fill it out with the book title and author as she finishes a book.  I have various levels of prize options, but she always fills out the whole card.  You can click on the BINGO card below and print it out to use with your own children.  I always print it out on a brightly colored piece of cardstock, so that it will last all summer.
Prize Examples:  
One horizontal, vertical or diagonal line = 1st level prize
Outer Border = 2nd level prize
Blackout = 3rd level prize

I like to keep the prizes simple, as I feel that reading all those books is the true prize.  Some of our past prizes have included an ice cream cone, movie tickets, a pizza date, a book store gift card and various special outings.  You can do whatever works best for your family!

Here are links to some corporate Summer Reading Programs available this year:

Build-A-Bear Workshop is supposed to be having a Summer Reading Program, but it is not up on their website yet.

Also, check your local library, as they always have fun Summer Reading Programs available.

I'm sure there are additional programs available in your local area, so be sure to check!  

Most of all, have fun reading over the summer!

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