Thursday, April 19, 2012

What's on the Tray?

I'm a little late posting my trays this week, but I hope you enjoy them!  We aren't following a theme this week, just working on some fun skills!

Beginning Sound Sort
Sort the items in the bowl by their beginning sound.

 Nuts & Bolts
One of our favorites:  Match each nut to the correctly sized bolt and screw it on.

Washcloth Folding
Fold each washcloth into 1/4ths, then stack.

Button Sorting
Sort the buttons by the number of holes each has.

Counting Straws
Place the correct number of straws into each section of the tray.

Color Matching
Sort the cards by color and place on the correct crayon mat.
I apologize for the glare in the photo!

Color by Number
Practice those fine motor skills by coloring each section the correct color.

Pattern Matching
Recreate or continue each pattern using the cubes in the box.

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  1. i just lot all your tray ideas! your so creative! i wish i had it in me to create these!!!

  2. Your tray ideas are so great! They all look so fun and I keep pinning away on Pinterest. Now I just need to get the supplies together so my little boy can have fun, too!

  3. Visiting all my fellow 5 Star Bloggers. What a fab blog! Pop by and pay me a visit when you have a spare moment - I'd love to see you there.


    PS I'm your newest follower.. :-)

  4. Great post! Definitely a 5-Star Blogger! Thanks for linking up!

    The Organized Classroom Blog

  5. You are spot on with these activities! Great for fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, organizational skills...if you made these up, you are very smart and very creative. I have printed the page and will use with my 2y/o. Thank you:) Kudos!

  6. Your blog is amazing! I love all of your ideas! I just found you from pintrest and I am so excited to look through all of your amazing ideas!!!!

  7. Your blog is super! I love the folding wash cloths - fractions, sectioning, fine motor and of course excellent life skills all wrapped up in one fun activity. I am off to buy some washcloths and nuts and bolts. Thanks for great ideas. I am following you- hope you can pop over to my new blog and follow me too.

  8. These are fantastic ideas, thank you for sharing!
    What is that plastic sorter called? The one you used for the beginning sound sort? Where did you find it?


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