Sunday, February 19, 2012

Rainbow Fish Trays

Super Tot just turned 3!

After having a few days off, we are excited about having our Rainbow Fish theme week.  Here is a look at the activities I have planned.

Rainbow Fish Game
Each player has a fish game board.  Beginning with the youngest, players take turns drawing a card from the red bowl and either placing or removing the correct number of scales from his fish.  The player that fills all 10 scales on his fish first wins!
The inspiration for this tray was Super Tot's Hi Ho! Cherry-O game.  I wanted something fun that would incorporate both fine motor and counting, and I thought this would be perfect!  I drew the fish game boards, printed off number cards (1-4 and minus 1-2).  We will be using sequins for the scales, which adds the fine motor element.  I think he is going to love this one!
~fine motor, counting, early math~

Shades of Color Sorting
Draw a card from the white bowl and place it in the correct column.
I cut up paint swatches for this activity and glued the darkest of each color to the top box on the chart.  There are 3 additional shades of each color in the bowl.  Once they are all on the board, I will have Super Tot rearrange each column to show darkest to lightest variegation.  
~color recognition, fine motor~

Now I Know My ABC's!
Place a correct letter sticker in each circle to match the letter printed in the circle.
There are multiple stickers for each letter, so Super Tot will need to search a little for each one.
~letter recognition & matching, fine motor~

Find the Matching Fish
Draw a line from each fish in the first column to the matching fish in the second.
This will be Super Tot's first exercise in drawing lines that will end up crossing each other.
~fine motor, pre-writing, problem solving~

Scoop the Bubbles
Use the shovel to scoop out each ping pong ball "bubble" and place it in the blue bowl.
This box will be filled with water for this activity, so the balls will be floating.
~motor skills~

Do-A-Dot Shape Search
Draw a shape card from the red bowl and place a dot on a corresponding shape on the mat.  
This is an activity we have done several times, and Super Tot always enjoys it.
Printable includes outline shapes, as well as solids.
~shape recognition, matching, fine motor~

Fish Colors Puzzle
Complete this Melissa & Doug Puzzle (available here) by placing the correctly colored body on each fish.
This puzzle is really too easy for Super Tot now, but it fit the theme and is something he can do on his own with no assistance or instructions from me.
~fine motor, color recognition & matching~

Fish Finger Puppet Play
Unstructured play with finger puppets.
Super Tot enjoys creative play & finger puppets, so this should be a fun tray for him.
~free play & creativity~

Rainbow Fish Sticker Scales
Place the happy face stickers onto the white part of the fish to turn him into Rainbow Fish!
This is the activity I blogged about here as a preview of our Rainbow Fish week.
~fine motor~
Completed fish:

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  1. I love your happy fish. All the activities look amazing.

    Thank you for linking to Read.Explore.Learn.

  2. Wow! All of these are great activities! My favorites are the shape dot game and the shades of color activity! Thanks for sharing the printables!

    Criss-Cross Applesauce

  3. What colorful fun!! Love the rainbow fish out of stickers!! I shared this with my Facebook readers here: -
    Thanks for linking up to TGIF! See you tomorrow,
    Beth =-)

  4. What fun! This would be a great addition to the collaborative Pinterest board I created on Learning with Literature. If you'd like to add it, as well as some of your other great ideas, please let me know and I'll add you as a pinner.

  5. I love this and am going to feature it on The Sunday Showcase this week! Aimee ;-)

  6. fab as always! LOVE those stickers for the rainbow fish!!!

  7. Wow! Such beautiful activity trays - and so creative, too! The math game, scooping bubbles activity, and sticker fish are amazing! I featured your post at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page and added your photo and post link to my Montessori-Inspired Ocean Unit post at

  8. Wow what great activities. I love the find the fish line drawing practice.

  9. Hi

    are the links below the pics still active..i couldn't download from there any other place i can download it from? Thanks

    1. Heyleslie, please email me and I will send you any printables you are in need of. I've run into an issue with the program I was using and am currently looking for a solution.


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