Sunday, October 17, 2010

Save the Rainforest, an article by Princess

Princess is 9 years old

Princess has a passion for writing and a heart for caring for the Earth.  She is learning to type this year on an old-fashioned type writer, which she just loves.  She enjoys practicing in her spare time and has been typing up articles about "Going Green" and "Saving the Rainforest."  Below is one she wrote on Friday.  She is a gifted writer, but I continue to be amazed at her writing style and always love reading what she writes.  Whether it is a story, news article, or essay, her passion for writing is evident in everything she writes.  Enjoy!
Save the Rainforest!! by Princess
Did you know that animals’ homes are being cut down every day?  That is actually happening.  You may find the rest of this article hard to read.  But, don’t worry.  With your help, this may very well have a happy ending.  Well, take a deep breath and here we go!  I will start with saying that areas of the rainforest the size of baseball fields are cut down every second.  Can you imagine?  What if someone came to your house, tearing it down and taking all the materials used to make it?  Don’t worry, though.  Because you can help!  You!  Yes, that was not an error!  Y-O-U!  Here’s what to do:
You can donate money in lots of ways.   You can have a special jar called a “Giving Jar.”  In it, you can put spare change, or just money that you want to donate.  When the jar is full, you can donate the money to an organization that helps the rainforest.  You can also adopt a rainforest animal at  
Tell you friends all about everything you read in this document.  Tell them about the cutting down of the forests.  But mostly, tell them what they can do to help.
Remember, with a little money and lots of love, we can give this story a happy ending!!!
I will be posting more of her articles in the future and hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

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