Sunday, November 28, 2010

"Crystal" Wreath Tutorial

I came across this wreath awhile back online and thought it would be perfect for Princess to make for her room.   We made it together during Super Tot's nap.  It took about 40 minutes to make and only cost $2 ($1 for the bags and $1 for the ribbon - we had the rest of the supplies on hand).  We love the finished product and it looks just beautiful on her door!

Supply List:

1 metal hanger (white is recommended)
1-2 boxes of fold top sandwich bags (not zipper bags)
Ribbon for a bow
Stuffed animal or other accent item (optional)

I failed to take a photograph of the hanger, but I simply used my hands to bend it into a circle.  It wasn't perfect, but it was easy.  You could use pliers, but we did not find that to be necessary.  You can also use wire cutters to make the wreath smaller, but we liked the size we ended up with (approx. 12" diameter).

Once you have the hanger bent into a circle, lay out your first bag and fold it in half lengthwise.

Next, pinch the bag in the center and tie it around the hanger in a single overhand knot.

GENTLY pull it tight.  Don't pull too hard or you will rip the bag.

As you tie the knots, push/slide the bags to the top of the hanger.  

Princess and I worked together on her wreath.  It was fun to do the project together, and it cut the work in half.  

Princess twisted her bags a little to make it easier for her to tie the knots.  

Once she tied each knot, she would use her hands to fluff any of the ends that were still twisted.  

We used an entire box (120) of bags.  We purchased our box at the Dollar Store and it was the last box they had.  The photo below shows how much of the hanger we still had left after using all 120 bags.  

We didn't have any more bags and really wanted to finish the project during Super Tot's nap, so we spaced the bags out a little thinner and decided it would be fine.  You could use additional bags if you wanted a fuller wreath.  

Once we put on the bow, it made a huge difference and looked great.   I decided to add the little stuffed animal to match the tree in her room.  The wreath is hanging on her door and it is just adorable!!  

Princess has this tree in her room.  It was a gift from one of her grandmothers several years ago.  The wreath is a perfect compliment to the tree!

This was a super fun and easy craft that could be done together, or by a child alone.  I don't think you can beat $2.00 for a sweet Christmas decoration, either!!  Princess has already gotten so many comments on the wreath and people think we purchased it already made!  


  1. This is tooo cute it looks great on the door, but pretty cute on princess too! It looks like a glitter wreath. I am thinking that would be good for my front door as it would withstand some of the weather elements here in Orlando

    I am visiting from Girl Creative

  2. That is so cute. Thanks for sharing over at Tuesday Tell All.


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