Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rainbow Sensory Bin

Sensory Bins have become a staple in our Tot School!  We all love them and enjoy exploring them several times each week.  Our St. Patrick's Day Bin has been out for almost 3 weeks, so it's time to change it out.  We have found that 2 1/2 - 3 weeks is just about the right amount of time for each bin.  

With St. Patrick's Day happening this week, I wanted to kind of keep with the theme, so we are working with RAINBOWS this week in Tot School!  I knew I wanted to do a Rainbow Sensory Bin, so I decided to carry that theme throughout our week.  Be sure to check back on Sunday for my Tot School post showing all of our fun activities!

This was a very easy Sensory Bin to put together, as I already had everything on hand.  It was just a matter of collecting the items from various other places and throwing them all together in the bin!

Some of the Sensory Bin contents sorted by color.
As I mentioned earlier, I already had everything on hand.  What's in the bin?

Various wooden shapes that I have painted for Tot School
Painted popsicle sticks
Painted clothes pins
Lacing beads & a wooden dowel
Colored feathers
Animals from our Animal Train
Foam pencils from a puzzle
Colored clip magnets from The Dollar Store
Colored bean bags
Paint swatches glued to cardboard
Set of rainbow washcloths
Pipe cleaner rainbows
Colored coins from Super Tot's Laugh & Learn Piggy Bank
White pompoms to represent the clouds
2 metal pails from Target's Dollar Spot
Colored sorting bowls

This Sensory Bin is a big hit and I know Super Tot will enjoy it for the next couple weeks!

Here is an "AFTER" picture of the bin.   

Here are a few other Rainbow theme Sensory Bins I found on the web:

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  1. LOVE it! ..especially the plates and sorting idea! your bins are the best! :)

  2. I love the bin! So colorful! And I love how they play together! So sweet!

  3. So vibrant! Looks like tons of fun!



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