Saturday, July 16, 2011

What's on the Tray? 7/18-7/22

Super Tot is 30 months old.

Tot Trays for July 18-22

Place correct number of bumble bees on each flower sheet (counting, early math)
**I pieced the flowers together with construction paper and laminated them.  The bees are available here.**

Peel off sticker and place on matching face (fine motor, matching)

 Sort items by PEOPLE or ANIMALS (social skills, sorting by category)

Cut the strips between each sticker (cutting, fine motor)

 Build matching mini towers (patterning, matching)

Draw a mouth to show various emotions (social skills, fine motor, pre-writing)
**For this activity, I printed a Playdough mat from Sparkle Box, added eyes & a nose, and placed it in a page protector to use with a dry erase marker.**

I also have a few art projects and other activities planned for the week and will post about those once we have completed them.  

To see what other Tot moms are doing this week, visit these blogs:


  1. My daughter loves using the dry erase marker with activities

  2. Wonderful trays!!!

    Just popping in from tot school.

  3. Fantastic trays! I especially like the people/animal sorting and the tower matching. The flower/bee counting is really cute too! Oh, who am I kidding....I especially like them all! :)

  4. what great trays! Good idea for the sorting activity-we have lots of mini figures so could do similar

  5. Thanks for stopping by our blog! I like how your cutting activity doesn't use printer ink and there's no "wrong" way to cut, i.e. the dividing lines that can be so discouraging if you don't follow them. And the cutting space is short!

  6. you had some great ideas with the stickers.. i think im gonna try them!


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