Sunday, August 14, 2011

My favorite Half Price Books find

One of my favorite stores is Half Price Books.  I always find wonderful treasures, from books and cd's to journals,  notecards, etc.  Some of the items are new and some are gently used, but they are always a bargain, and we get so much for our money!  They also have an educator discount that gives an additional 10% off to teachers, including homeschoolers!  If you are a fellow homeschooler and don't already have an educator card, be sure to ask for one.  The discount is store-wide, no matter what you purchase!

A couple weeks ago, I found what turned out to be my favorite purchase ever from Half Price Books!  It was brand new and still shrink wrapped.  They had a whole display of them on an end cap in the Children's Section (I may just go back and buy a bunch for gifts).  Their price was $5, instead of the $20 retail price.  

The item is the cd set pictured above.  It is titled The Family Audio Bible and is a compilation of 36 unabridged bible stories.  Being unabridged is the best part!  This is a no-fluff, straight from God's word, reading of the Bible text.  It is 3 cd's and is read from the New Revised Standard Version of God's word.  The set is available on Amazon, as well.  There is a review on Amazon that states displeasure with the "straight from God's word" reading, but again, this is what my family loves about it so much.  Both Princess and Super Tot enjoy it and ask for it to be played in the car.  It took a couple of stories to get used to the reading style, but as a mom, I love that there are no sound effects or story-type additions.  It is true to God's word, which I for one think is the most amazing adventure book ever!

If you are looking for an audio book with eternal value, this is the one for you!  

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