Sunday, September 18, 2011

Math Monday - Lesson 3

Real Life Math - Lesson 3
Balance a Checkbook

Objective:  To learn how to manage a check register and balance a checkbook.  

Using a beginning balance of $500.00, enter the appropriate information onto the check register using the checks and deposit slips provided with this lesson.  Calculate the new balance after each transaction has been recorded, and be sure to enter the items in date order.  Upon completion of filling out the check register, balance the checkbook using the provided Bank Statement.  Not all items will show up as cleared on the Bank Statement, so it will be necessary to learn how to reconcile the account to verify that the balance on the check register is correct.

Lesson 3 Printables (available below)
1 - copies of 10 checks & 2 deposit slips
2 - blank check register
3 - "Bank Statement"

The attached printables that I created for Princess make this a complete lesson.  All you need to do is print and it is ready to go!  You may want to cut the checks and deposit slips out, and have your student put them in date order prior to completing the check register.  
Princess had a very fun time with this lesson.  She said it was her favorite Real Life Math lesson so far!  As I was explaining the lesson to her, we discussed that although we were using checks, the same principle would apply with debit or check card purchases, as well as online bill pay.  We also talked about the necessity of knowing how to apply this skill, even though there are many computer programs available that track your spending for you.  Money management skills are a necessity in life, and I am happy that Princess is beginning to learn them now.
She was very happy when she reconciled her "account" and her checkbook balanced!
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  1. Great printables! Thanks for sharing the links! I am going to print them out for our use :) Stopping by from the Hop.

  2. Neat activity! And it's just what I need for my oldest. I love making math practical. I'm a new follower.

  3. I loved learning how to balance a checkbook! Fitting I would end up working in banking before I became a SAHM :). Great printable!

  4. Hi, not sure if you still can share your printable...I wish I see your post two years ago...:c

  5. Love this. Is there anyway to email the documents to me? Thanks for your help.


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