Sunday, February 26, 2012

Dr. Seuss - Week 1


Dr. Seuss's birthday is this Friday, March 2.  To celebrate, I am doing a Dr. Seuss theme for Super Tot.  We will be focusing on 8 books this week, and 8 more next week.  I have chosen one activity to go with each book.  We will read all 8 books every day.  I expect that Super Tot will want to do all the trays each day, too.

Here are our activities & books for this week:
The Cat in the Hat

Counting Hats with Thing 1 and Thing 2...
Place the correct number of hats on each mat based on the number written in the circle.
I made "Thing 1" up through "Thing 5" to assist Super Tot with number recognition.  He has no trouble counting, but still needs work on recognizing the printed numerals.  I do not own copyrights to these images, so I apologize that I am not able to provide a printable.
~counting and number recognition~

 The Cat in the Hat Comes Back
 Measuring & Creating Dr. Seuss Hats
Choose a blue card and measure it with the ruler.  Next, using the large white lego as a base and building up, alternate colors to create a hat that is the same length as the card.
~early math & measuring, fine motor~

Green Eggs and Ham
 Matching Yolk Shapes
Match each wooden shape in the bowl to the correct egg yolk on the mat.
 ~shape recognition & matching, fine motor~

There's a Wocket in my Pocket
 Wocket in my Pocket Alphabet Sort
Take a Wocket card out of the bowl and place it in the correct pocket based on whether it is an UPPERCASE letter or a lowercase letter.  The Wocket printable is available here, and I just printed pockets onto cardstock and pasted them on the red paper as actual pockets.
~letter recognition, fine motor~

The Tooth Book
Counting Smiling Sam the Crocodile's Teeth
Count the number of teeth on each mat and place the correct rock into the crocodile's mouth.
I made these mats when we did our Letter Aa week (see here).  They were alligators then, but worked out perfectly to be Smiling Sam the Crocodile in The Tooth Book!
~counting & number recognition~

I Can Read with My Eyes Shut
Mystery Bag Fabric Matching
Take one fabric square out of the crate and feel it.  Set it down and place your hand in the bag.  Without looking, feel the fabric squares in the bag and find the identical square based on touch.
I thought it would be fun to do a twist on the "Eyes Shut" theme and do an activity where Super Tot is not able to use his eyes to complete the task.  He enjoys the Mystery Bag activities we have done before, so I expect this one to be a hit.
~sensory integration~

Daisy-Head Mayzie
Daisy Color by Number Pages
Color each daisy picture using the correct color for each number shown.
I printed off 6 different daisy coloring pages and wrote the numbers and legend on each one.
~fine motor, pre-writing, number & color recognition~

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish
Fish Counting Mats
Take one mat and follow the directions at the top, either placing the correct number or color of fish on each mat.  Once complete, turn the mat over and complete the other side.
We have used this activity many times, and it is always a hit.  This is actually from one of our Busy Bags (see here).  The mats each have one side with a number and the other side with a color.
~number & color recognition, counting~

For lots of inspiration, be sure to check these sites:


  1. Wow! You are going to be busy this week!

    I love these activities and would like to invite you to share a link to this post on my blog, Happy Birthday Author, to help us celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday!

  2. Ok...These ideas are awesome! Pinning them all! Your site always inspires me so much.

  3. Love! We read "Wocket Pocket" every night, so I'm particularly loving that one, but the counting fish are great, too. Thanks so much!

  4. Oh my goodness, so many incredibly creative ideas!!! I want to steal them all!

  5. Oh, wow! You must have put a ton of work into this. Everything looks great, and I'm sure your Super Tot will love doing the trays. What a great way to celebrate Dr. Seuss!

  6. Wonderful ideas! Pinning this for reference next year.

  7. What great Dr. Seuss activity trays ... creative and inviting! Thanks so much for linking up with Montessori Monday. I featured your post and Wocket in My Pocket photo in my Montessori-Inspired Dr. Seuss Activities at

  8. Your tot trays are awesome! It's obvious that you put alot of time into them. Thanks for linking up with us at the Kids Co-op last week. I'll be featuring your tot tray in this weeks Co-op post. Hope to see you there!

  9. Love all your great ideas, especially the Cat in the Hat Lego activity where you build the hats.

  10. I love all your wonderful activities. Oh! You did such a great job. I pinned this post.

    Thank you for linking to Read.Explore.Learn.

  11. I love your blog and am so inspired by your Dr. Seuss Montessori ideas! I homeschool my 2nd grader and I also own a Montessori School. I use your blog as a resource! Thank you for sharing your creativitiy! :)

  12. I love all of these but I especially love your green eggs shape matching activity and am featuring it in my Dr. Seuss Fave Five Friday post tomorrow. I am including a picture and link back to your site so be sure to stop by and check it out and let me know if there is any problem. Have a great day!

  13. These projects are awesome. Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas with us. Can I ask you where you got the colored fish and the fish bowl patterns from. God Bless. Mrs. Valerie

  14. You have SO many amazingly fun & creative ideas here!! LOVE the shapes green eggs & wocket in pocket!! I featured these at TGIF this week ( Thanks for linking up & sharing your creativity with all of us!! Come on by and grab an I was featured button!! Looking forward to seeing what you link up this week!!
    Beth =-)

  15. Can I just tell you how much I adore and love all of your creative ideas you do with your children! I seriously can't wait to do all of these fun Dr. Seuss activities with my children!
    Thanks so much for sharing!

  16. Congrats! Your post was the #3 most clicked link on Homeschooling on the Cheap! last week! You are featured this week Stop over and link up something new as I just got the link up today! Have a super week, Kelli


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