Sunday, April 29, 2012

What's on the Tray?

Here are Super Tot's activity trays for the week:

Foam Alphabet Puzzle
$1 at CVS

1-1 w/ Pony Beads
Place one pony bead in each section of the tray.
I've had this tray for years and can't remember where I purchased it.

Mickey Mouse Memory
There are two of each color, and we will play memory to match each color.  These are paint swatches from our local hardware store.

Puzzle Cards
I am in the process of making popsicle stick puzzles, but these will do until they are finished.
I think the cards were from Dollar Tree during Back to School.

Button Shape Sort
Sort the buttons by shape.
Buttons available here.

Color Sorting
This is one of our Busy Bag activities.  There are 7 colors of envelope stapled together, along with 4 cardstock strips of each color.  Super Tot will place each cardstock strip into the correct envelope.

First Words Magnetic Book
Super Tot was given this book for Christmas.  It is really cute and has letter magnets to spell various animal themed words.  I am using it this week in Tot School to give him some variety in our letter work.
Book available here.

Counting Bees
We've been using this activity for over a year now, and it is still a favorite.  Super Tot will place the correct number of bees on each flower based on the numeral shown on the mat.

Alphabet Writing
There is a card for each letter.  They are dry erase, so they can be used over and over.
Cards available here.

We will also be doing some File Folder Games and other activities.

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  1. Love these ideas. Just curious if you remember where you picked up those shape buttons? They look fantastic for little fingers. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Sierra, I got the buttons at Oriental Trading Co. They are $9 for a huge bag, and they are PERFECT for little hands! Here's the link:

    2. Awesome! Thank you. I just recently discovered your blog (via Pinterest) so I'm working my way through your older posts. Love, love, love the activities you do. Thanks for taking the time to share them with others. It's great inspiration.

  2. We also had a magnetic book containing different shapes. Definitely a good buy!

  3. I always enjoy seeing your creative activity trays! I love the mini ice cube tray with the pony beads ... inviting and great for eye-hand coordination. I featured your post at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page:

  4. I just found your blog via pinterest and I LOVE your trays! Next year I will be teaching pre-schoolers in our program with autism & severe disabilities. I'm in love with your tray idea and the activities you have planned! I cant wait to start using some of your ideas next year!!

    Creating & Teaching


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