Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Number Recognition Activity

I am working on number recognition right now with Super Tot and decided to focus on 3 numerals at a time.  I put together this activity very quickly and it was a huge success.  

I started by cutting 3 inch squares out of cardstock (3 each of 6 colors).  I then placed one, two or three stickers on each square. Next, I got three paper lunch sacks and wrote 1, 2 or 3 on each of them.  I set the bags out on the table and handed Super Tot the stack of cards.  He counted the number of stickers on each card and placed it in the correct bag.  
I used the bags so he would have to identify the numeral each time, rather than looking at the cards he had already done.

He really enjoyed this activity, so we will not only continue to use it all week, but I will extend it for use with the larger numbers in the weeks to come.


  1. I love this idea. Great number practice and you can switch it up depending on what stickers you have. Thanks for a fun idea!

  2. Will soooooo be doing this! You could even adapt for letter sounds!


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