Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Traceable Alphabet Book

ABC & 123
Tracing Book
I have wanted to make an alphabet tracing book for Super Tot for a while now and finally got around to doing it.  I am thrilled with how it turned out, too! 

I started with a 4x6 plastic photo album from Dollar Tree.  It had room for 36 photos, which was perfect for including the entire alphabet plus the numerals 1-10.

Next, I went to this website and created my tracing cards.  I used the Print Style Worksheets Sentence Worksheet Maker.  I did one letter at a time so that I could enlarge them to my desired size.  For the “sentence,” I put a space before the letter and then typed the Uppercase & Lowercase letter.  I clicked on Portrait-Style and ¾ Inch Size.  You can even change the color of the lines, as well as the text color.  Then, I hit print and zoomed it to 250%.  This printed only a portion of the page, but I only needed one set of letters.  I tried numerous other sizes and variations, but this was the only one that worked for what I wanted.  

I redid this for each letter and numeral.  Then, I got to cutting!  Using a paper cutter, I cut each letter and numeral out and attached them to cardstock using scrapbook adhesive. 
I then placed them in the album and searched for clipart I liked for the cover (I don’t own the clipart, so I can’t share it). 

Using a dry erase marker, Super Tot will be able to use this book over and over!  He loves to write and is so excited to be learning his letters.

The completed project took under an hour and used supplies I already had on hand (including the album that I had previously purchased for such a project). 

I plan to have this available for Super Tot in the car during our upcoming Staycation (see my Staycation Binders here).  Then, I will be placing the tracing book into one of Super Tot’s Busy Bags (see here) for use at church, dr.’s office waiting rooms, etc.  I know we will get LOTS of use out of this simple and affordable project!



  1. Such a great idea! I have a "super tot" as well and I was just sitting here trying to come up with some teaching tools:) Thanks again!

  2. I cannot fugure out how to print the letter large enough; how to "enlarge to 200%"?

    1. After I hit print on the website, I enlarge it to 250% on my printer setting. On my computer, that is on the print screen that comes up any time I hit print on anything. Some printers will say SCALE, ZOOM or ENLARGE. Good luck!

  3. That is so wonderful! Great use on those cheap photo albums.

  4. I love this idea!! So bummed i cant make them bigger before i print them out. Heading on a 14 hour car ride on Thursday and these would be great for my preschooler who wants to learn to write like her big brother.

  5. This is awesome, thanks so much for sharing, I know my 4 year old will LOVE this!!

  6. Same here, I can't zoom before printing. The print screen that shows up is the one that only gives the option of how many copies to print etc, not the page setup that allows you to zoom :( Love the idea

  7. very nice idea. I will definitely give such kind of alphabet book to my kid. He is just 4 now. This alphabet book definitely help him to improve his handwriting. right now even I don't understand what he has written.. :P


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