Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tink's Balloon - a short story by Princess

Tink's Balloon
by Princess

One day, Tinker Bell was very excited.  She had just gotten a new balloon.  She had been flying around Pixie Hollow all day.  She was showing it to her friends Silver Mist and Fawn when a big gust of wind came.  Tink, not expecting this, lost her grip on the balloon.  "Oh no!" said Silver Mist.  "I w-w-was so excited about my b-b-balloon," said poor Tink.  "It's okay Tinker Bell," replied Fawn.  For the rest of the day, Tink sat on a tree branch searching the sky for her balloon.  That night, Tink was just about to lie down when a shine caught her eye.  She looked out of her window, to see her balloon in the sky.  And every night you can see it up there, too...The Moon.

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  1. Beautiful story. I will think of this each time I go outside and see the moon.


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