Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Christmas Ornament Craft

I saw instructions to make homemade ornaments out of your old Christmas cards on another blog a few days ago and thought it was really cute.  I knew I still had all the Christmas cards we got last year, so I was excited to try it.

Old Christmas Cards (cut into 20 circles)
Circle cutting tools, if available
Cardboard for templates
Paper Clips
Cording or Ribbon

I started by choosing which cards would work.  I then cut 3 inch circles using my scrapbook circle cutter.  You could cut a template out of cardboard if you don't have cutting tools on hand.  I was able to get 2 circles out of some cards and only one out of some others.  I also used the emblem on the backs of some, as well as the inside of a few. 

Each ornament uses 20 circles.

I cut all the circles first.

I then cut a cardboard circle template the same size as the others.  Using a ruler, I drew and then cut out an equilateral triangle. 

I used this template to draw triangles on the backs of each circle.

Using a ruler to assure a straight fold, I folded the circles in on each of the 3 lines. 

This is what they look like when folded correctly.

The top and bottom of the ornament will each use 5 folded circles.  I laid them out before gluing to get an idea of how each piece would fit together.

I then started gluing the pieces together for the top and bottom.  As I glued each piece, I placed a paper clip to hold it in place while the glue dried.

Top and bottom glued together and drying.

Next, I laid out the middle, which consists of 10 pieces.  

Once laid out, I glued the middle section together, again using paper clips to hold the pieces while they dried.

Next, I glued the middle section to the top using paper clips once again.

I then turned the top/middle section over and glued on the bottom (don't forget to use your paper clips).  

I realized that I hadn't put in my cording as a hanger, but was able to pull the wet pieces apart and slip it in.  I used a dab of extra glue on each side and added 2 additional paper clips to hold that part tightly while it dried.  

Once dry, I removed the paper clips and applied the glitter.  This was a bit of a learning process.  I started off putting a line of glue along the edge of each section (one at a time), but the glue just ran and was too messy.  Even with the glitter on, it just looked sloppy.  After doing the first half of the ornament, I was very displeased with how it looked, and I used a wet baby wipe to remove all the glue and glitter.

I then decided to apply a thin line of glue to each side of a section right along the edge.  I did one at a time and added the glitter.  It took much longer, as I had to do both sides of each section, but the finished product is BEAUTIFUL!!  It no longer looks like a preschool art project (though I love those, too), but like something you would actually buy!  

The ornament turned out so well, that I decided to try it with some extra photographs I had leftover from scrapbooking.  I am even more excited about how the photo ornament turned out and can't wait to make more!  I'm thinking these would make fantastic gifts!

For the photo ornament, I cut each circle 2 1/2 inches in diameter and used scrapbook adhesive instead of glue to assemble the ornament.  It was MUCH faster and didn't require the paperclips (which I thought might scratch the photos).  I also made the photo ornament a little smaller, and I actually like the smaller size better.  


  1. Love this! It turned out great! I also am familiar with the blogger of Junk Mail Gems. I follow her under her other blog ID Mommy! Small world!! Kerri

  2. These are really cool! I think I'll try doing some, too!

  3. Really neat! Love the ornament! So crafty!

  4. Oooh! I love the one with the photos! Great idea!

  5. Aw this is such a good idea! I'd love if you have a chance to come link up to Handmade Tuesdays @ Ladybug Blessings

  6. This is a great post! I would love for you to link up to my Strut Your Stuff Party!

  7. You've been featured at Saturday Mornings!

  8. I've always meant to make some of these but somehow never get around to it. But now that I see how pretty they look with glitter I may just have to finally do it. I especially like the idea to use photos! Thanks for joining us at A Crafty Soiree, I featured this project in tomorrow's post.

  9. Hey,Thanks for your post I borrowed your idea and made a beautiful gift for Granny for Christmas. .

    Come take a look if you'd like ;-)

  10. Katie that is just lovely. I use to make these when I was a teenager but had forgotten how. Of course glitter wasn't big back then but it really gives that extra style that makes it glow. I think I'll do one of pics of my grandson for his parents (from him). (Her name is Kateland but we call her Katie too. LOL)
    Excellent tutorial also.

  11. I have loved these. I never knew how to make them. Thanks for sharing over at Tuesday Tell All.

  12. so glad you posted this on the BB. I'm gonna be making some of the boys this year to attach to gift for family! perfect idea!
    Now come the holidays, I'll ask you to send me this link again. ;)

  13. Love this ornament. Glad I still have my Christmas cards from last year too. Going to give this a try. Thanks so much for posting the instructions.

  14. Yes, this is gorgeous. I think applying some acrylic paint on the edges with a sponge instead of the glue&glitter would also do. Nice tutorial. Thanks for sharing

  15. I was suprised to see this on a website after all these years. I worked at a school, we asked the parents in our class, to save old cards for us each year. Then at Christmas the following year, we would have a craft time where we made these ornaments. Kids loved them and used them as gifts for their parents or friends. They take some time, but are easy and fun to do. Thanks for reminding me. pt/AZ

  16. Thanks for reminding me of a craft we used to use, at Christmas, for our classroom students. We would ask parents, after Christmas, to bring in all there cards they had received. Then we had craft time and made these ornaments. The kids loved them and they were sometimes a challenge. The end result is always nice no matter what. kids used them for gifts for parents and friends. Easy, but sometimes challenging craft. If 4th graders can do it, you can to. We used a needle and yarn to attach the hanger part. Just poke a hole in the top and thread the yarn through. Great craft. Thanks again for reminding me. Even though I am retired I still save cards for projects. PT/AZ

  17. still love these ornaments.....I remember my mom making these as gifts in the 1970s...guess this has been around a while now. =)

  18. I made these ornaments for my co-workers. Loved them! A couple of changes I made was to use stickle glitter glue for the edges. A lot faster than glue then glitter. Also, I hot glued bling jewels at each of the connecting points.

  19. I made these ornaments for my co-workers. Loved them! A couple of changes I made was to use stickle glitter glue for the edges. A lot faster than glue then glitter. Also, I hot glued bling jewels at each of the connecting points.


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