Friday, February 18, 2011

Peony & Halle (Short Story by Princess)

Princess is 10 years old.

Peony and Halle
by Princess

Once upon a time, there was a fairy princess names Halle.  Her best friend was Peony, a pink kitty fairy.  They had been friends since they were both 2 years old.  They lived in a lovely pine tree palace.  They slept nestled in pine needles on their favorite branch.  Halle ate pine seeds, while Peony sucked the sweet sap from the pine needles.  

One day, Peony heard a shout, "TIMBER!!!"--then a loud thunk.  She looked out of the tree to see a man chopping down trees.  She gulped.  Then, she flew to Halle as fast as her wings could carry her. 

After being told the story, Halle made up her mind.  They had to save the forest.  "Let's rescue our tree!" she exclaimed.  "But the man is so much bigger than us, "argued Peony.  "Bigger?  I've got a plan," replied Halle. 

And so she told Peony her plan.  Then, they flew through the forest gathering sticks, leaves, etc.  They flew to the safety of their tree and worked as fast as they could.  When they finished, they had a 3-foot tall scarecrow.  Then, they dragged it away.

Later, they watched as the man got closer to the tree.  He raised his axe..."Who goes there?"  The man turned and got the scare of his life.  For there was a child, made of leaves, walking toward him.  The man ran so fast he could have outrun a gazelle.

Halle and Peony dropped the scarecrow and cheered!  "We did it!" cried Halle.  "He won't be bothering us again," Peony said.  And so, they lived happily ever after.

The End.

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