Friday, February 18, 2011

Color Bags

I saw these bags at our local craft store and immediately knew I wanted to make "Color Bags" for Super Tot.  The contents can be changed out, but here is what I have in them right now:

Painted clothes pin
Painted popsicle stick
Large button
Painted wooden cube
Plastic color tile
Painted wooden star
Foam pencil from a colors puzzle I got for $1 at a drug store
Paint swatch I cut out and mounted onto cardboard
Colored train from our counter set

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  1. What a fab idea - wish I would have done that when Pita was a bit younger. Thanks for linking to Montessori Monday! :)

  2. Great idea! We did something similar to this, but I used one of our kitchen drawers. I love this idea because it's a space saver and you can go anywhere with it.

  3. I think you are doing a wonderful job. Thanks for these great ideas and printables. Shrek in Va


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