Thursday, February 3, 2011

Super Tot's First Valentines

We are having a Valentine's Party this weekend, so I thought it would be fun for Super Tot to make his own Valentines.  I saw this little kit on sale for $2 at Michael's and thought it was cute.  The price was right and I knew it would be perfect for him!  

I didn't get any pictures of him making them, but he did all the work himself.  The bears are made of craft foam, and the pieces are all foam stickers, so all he had to do was stick them on.  I took the backing off of each piece, handed it to him and told him what it was (nose, eye, ear, etc.).  He did the rest all by himself!  All I did was draw the mouths on when he was finished.  We worked on one part at a time (all the noses, all the eyes, all the hearts, etc.).  It was so much fun and I was so proud of him.  All on his own, he gave each one of them a kiss when he was done!!  It was very sweet and I think they turned out so cute!  

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