Monday, January 23, 2012

Lobster Tales

Lobster Tales
by Princess

I am Lenny the lobster.  This is the story of how I, a lobster in a tank at the grocery store, made it back to the ocean.  My story begins with me swimming in the ocean, free as can be.  All of a sudden, I found myself in a cage.  I had scuttled right into a lobster trap.  

The next thing I knew, I was loaded onto a boat.  There were lobsters of all sizes in cages next to me.  We called out for help, but we were too far away from our friends to be heard.  Soon, a group of us were loaded and shipped to a grocery store in the United States.  All was in confusion as we were dumped into a little tank.  After a kind old lobster that was already there calmed us down, we found that our claws had been clamped shut with rubber bands.  

Soon, I realized that one of my friends was in the tank with me.  We cried, but the humans couldn't tell because we were in the water.  Over the next few weeks, we became more and more hopeless.  Every time someone reached into the tank, we quivered in fear.  Many lobsters were taken and eaten.  

Then, one day, it happened.  My friend and I were taken from the tank.  We were more scared than ever before.  To our surprise, we were dropped into a little tank full of fresh, clean water and we were taken out of the store.  A little girl grabbed onto the tank, and we drove and rove for a long time.  We were confused.  Then, we were dropped out of the tank.  We thought it would be onto a chopping block, but no - into the ocean!  The water had never felt so good.  The little girl cut the rubber band off my claws.  I yelled out, "thank you!"  The little girl didn't hear.  "Oh well," I said.  Soon, I found my old friends.  

So, all you lobsters still stuck in that tank, have hope.  I got back home, and so can you!


  1. I always enjoy reading the stories that Princess writes. She is a talented and beautiful young girl.

  2. I loved the story. It's fun and full of kindness. It's just what I was looking for to read to my three year old son at night. Thank you :))

    1. What an incredibly sweet compliment! You have made our whole day! Thank you.


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