Sunday, March 11, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Trays

This week's trays focus on a St. Patrick's Day theme.  We will be learning about Saint Patrick, as well as enjoying some fun learning activities.

What's on the Tray??

Alphabet Match
Take a lowercase letter tile from the white bowl and place the duck on the matching uppercase letter shamrock.
~letter recognition, one to one correspondence~

Counting Beads
Place the correct number of beads into each section of the ice tray.
~counting, number recognition, fine motor~

 Button Threading
Thread each shamrock button onto the pipe cleaner.
~fine motor~

One to One Shamrock Match
Place one small shamrock from the bowl onto each larger shamrock.
~one to one correspondence~

Spooning Gems
Spoon the gems, one at a time, into the second dish.
~fine motor~

Balancing Hats
Balance one hat onto each of the sticks.
~fine motor, one to one correspondence~

Sorting Leprechauns by Size
Place each leprechaun onto the correct place on the sorting mat.
~size differentiation~
 I printed this activity and the one below it last year from Musings of Me.  Her blog is now listed as private, so it appears that the printables are no longer available.

St. Patrick's Day Counting
Count the St. Patrick's Day objects on each card and place the clothes pin onto the correct number.
~counting, number recognition, fine motor~

St. Patrick's Day Patterning
Use the objects in the bowls to complete each pattern.  Then, use the blank pattern sheet (printable available below photograph) to create your own patterns.
~sequencing & patterning~

Alphabet Sounds
This is honestly not my favorite toy, as it does not accurately say each sound for each letter, but it is fun for Super Tot and allows me some uninterrupted teaching time with Princess.

Books for this week:
Of course, we will be reading many more books, but these are our St. Patrick's Day theme books for the week.


  1. I love your tray activities! I would love to feature them on my site at .
    It is a curriculum resource for Early Childhood Ed. professionals and parents. Let me know if this would be okay.
    I will be glad to post a link back to your blog beneath your photo. Once your idea is posted, I will send you a "Featured on Pre-K Fun" image that you can add to your blog if you would like.



  2. Great tray activities! I love the balancing hats and will definitely have to do something similar for our kiddos. Thanks :)


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