Saturday, August 25, 2012

30 Day Pinterest Challenge

I have been on Pinterest for over a year now and absolutely LOVE it!  I have found and shared so many wonderful ideas and love having a place where I can organize the things I find online.  

I have over 2,650 pins, spread over 53 boards.  These range from school ideas to recipes, holiday decor to clothing, projects to gift ideas.  It is truly a catch all for me. 

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I have enjoyed using many of the ideas I have found, but also find that I often pin something, only to forget about it for months and months.  

My solution is to start a personal 30 Day Pinterest Challenge.  My goal is to incorporate something I have pinned into each day for the next 30 days.  Whether it is preparing a recipe I have found, making a craft with my kids or incorporating a homeschool activity into our day, I plan to be intentional about using this amazing resource.  Some of the ideas may be tweaked or altered a bit, but I will be blogging about each one I use over the next 30 days.

Will you join me??  

Here are a couple of activities we've already done this week.

He's Got the Whole World in His Hands
*Dot painted coffee filters, traced & cut out child hands*  

 Self Portraits
*Traced hands and feet, drew and colored the rest*


  1. i would love to join in with this i am the same obsessed with pinterest but very rarely remember what i have pinned my blog is please pop over and take a look xxxx

  2. I have been thinking this same thing. I start my home preschool up next week, and will incorporate my pinterest ideas into my planning. I too will strive for untilizing my pin boards over the next month!

  3. i really want to do this too! I am in the process of moving so I won't be settled in until mid September but after that I'm going to try and do something I pinned everyday. Preferably something with the kids. I'll be watching what you end up doing and getting some ideas :)


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