Saturday, August 25, 2012

Toilet Paper Roll Race Cars

Pinterest Challenge Day 2
Ever wonder what you should do with all those left over toilet paper rolls??  You can always recycle them, but there are so many other options, too.  We have found many uses for them on our own, and Pinterest has provided me with even more ideas.  Today's Pinterest project was to make race cars for Princess and Super Tot's Playmobil people out of empty toilet paper rolls.  

It was a fun project for the kids, and we are happy with the results!!
The kids started off by painting the empty toilet paper rolls with tempera paint.  The tires were cut from an empty egg carton and painted black.  The white walls on the tires are those round hole reinforcement stickers.  Once the paint on the cars was dry, we used a craft knife to cut the openings and folded them over using glue dots to hold them in place.  The steering wheels were drawn and cut from cardstock, then glued on.  The tires are attached with prong fasteners, and the details are just stickers we had on hand.  

The cars won't last forever, but they were free to make using supplies we had on hand, and provided us with a fun morning project, along with lots of hours of play.


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