Monday, September 17, 2012

Calming Jar

Pinterest Challenge

I've gotten a few days off on my Pinterest Challenge, but I'm happy that I am at least being intentional about implementing a lot of the ideas I have pinned the past couple of years.

I've been wanting to try this one for awhile now and am glad I finally got it done.  Super Tot purchased a little snow globe on vacation this summer and loves to look at it, especially when he is feeling frustrated, angry, etc.  I've seen how much it relaxes him, so I thought making a Calming Jar into a Time Out Timer would be perfect.  

I loved the shape of this Pom bottle, so I used nail polish remover to get rid of the writing that was printed directly to the bottle.  This took A LOT of elbow grease!!  

The jar is filled with one small bottle of glitter glue, hot water, a small jar of glitter and some clear Tacky Glue.  I ended up pouring out some of the glitter and adding more water, more glue, more water, etc.  I basically played with the contents until it took about 5 minutes to settle.  Then I glued the lid on, and presented it to Super Tot, who loves it!

Here is the jar shaken up, starting to settle, and almost completely settled.  

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