Monday, September 17, 2012

Preschool Workboxes 9/17-21

 What's Super Tot working on this week?

Number Recognition
I separated all of the 1-5 tiles from the game Sumoku.  There are twelve of each.  I drew dots onto post-it notes and placed them on the container.  Super Tot will place each number tile into the correct section. 

Sound Matching
This is an activity we've done before, but it is a favorite.  There are 8 eggs in each color, filled with various objects (rice, beans, beads, etc.).  Super Tot is to shake the eggs and match them up by sound.  As he makes a match, he will place the 2 eggs in a cup.  Once he has completed them all, we will check them.

Forming Letters with Dough
The folder contains a sheet for each letter of the alphabet.  Super Tot will use dough to form each letter.  I made the mats for him, but do not own the copyrights for the images, so I cannot share the printables.  There are many dough mats available online if you search for them.

Sticker Fun
Super Tot loves stickers.  This was a Half Price Books find, and it is wonderful for one to one correspondence, fine motor, etc.

Threading Pipe Cleaners
Super Tot is to thread each pipe cleaner through a hole in the matching cardstock, then twist the pipe cleaner to keep it in place.

Dice Counting Game
Super Tot is to roll the large foam die, count the dots, and place the die on the correct numeral card.  I know we will play this over and over!

Pompom Tong Transfer
Super Tot will use the tongs (chopsticks) to place each pompom into a circle that is the same color as the pompom.

Name Pasting
The small container has 5 sets of the letters in Super Tot's name.  He is to paste each letter into a box (one to one correspondence) to spell out his name 5 times.

Draw & Write Journal
Super Tot has a journal that we regularly use, but I thought this would be a fun one to add to our routine, as well.  It is pretty self explanatory, but he will draw a picture of a specific object.  I will write the name of the object on the top line and he will copy it on the bottom line.

Building Links
I can't for the life of me remember what these are called.  Nine years ago, these were in an item from a kid's meal somewhere.  Princess had some and loved them.  We had gotten rid of them many years ago, but I found these at Dollar Tree recently.  I am so glad, because Super Tot loves them as much as she did!!

Folding Washcloths
Another activity that needs little explanation.  Practice folding washcloths!


  1. There's so many great idea's in this post :-) I love the idea of putting the coloured pom poms onto coloured circles and also rolling the dice and putting it on the correct number!

  2. Do you have a printable for the colored circles page? So cool!

  3. Where can I get a copy of the colored circles Pom Pom sheet?


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