Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Princess saves the day!!!!!!

I am SOOOOO proud of "SUPER" Princess!

Last evening, we were on our way to the grocery store and she spotted a lot of smoke coming from a neighbor's backyard.  No one else seemed to notice.  We turned the car around and drove to the house where the smoke was, and there was a huge fire in the backyard.  We got a neighbor to call 911 (I somehow managed to leave home without my cellphone), and with the help of several neighbors, we were able to get the fire out before the house caught fire.  

It turns out that the homeowner had accidentally left a gas BBQ grill on and left his home.  The grill was completely engulfed in huge flames, and the fence had started to catch fire.  It was dangerously close to the house and was spreading quickly.  In a matter of minutes, the fire would have been completely out of control.  

I am praising God that Princess had such a keen eye to spot the smoke and recognize that it was thick and black - not just BBQ smoke from cooking.  She usually has her nose buried in a book while we are in the car, so her seeing it at all was nothing short of a miracle!  I am also thankful that no one was injured, and that we were able to contain the fire so quickly.  Super Daddy pointed out last night that he is thankful that the propane tank didn't explode.  I hadn't thought of that at the time, but it was right in the middle of the flames and could have easily exploded at any time.  Praise God that didn't happen!  

Turns out the "Super" goes to Princess this time!  


  1. Way to go, Super Princess! God definitely guided and used you in that situation. And way to go Mom with listening to her and actually taking action.


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