Thursday, August 30, 2012

My Bible needed a little TLC...

My well loved Bible has seen brighter days - aesthetically speaking, at least.  I have a smaller one that I take to church now, but this is my study Bible and generally the one I use on a daily basis.  Broken binding or not, I couldn't bear to part with it.  It has been my life manual for so many years.  We're talking good times & bad, happy & sad, through depression & anxiety, rejoicing, celebrating & memorializing.  Whether I've been in a difficult season or an easy one, this particular Bible has been my direct line with God through so many life experiences - from the mundane day to day, to the life altering.  This Bible has many years left in it, as you can see by the picture of the inside, so I wasn't about to let a broken binding send me to the store to buy a new one.  

Solution - DUCT TAPE!  In 5 minutes, it was as good as new (and much cuter than before anyway)!  I applied the tape to the entire inside and outside cover.  That should hold it for at least a few more years!  I can't wait to see what He has to show me tomorrow!


  1. Love it! I have a bible that I use daily and I have dreaded the thought of having to replace it in the future but I love this idea and will have to remember it.

  2. This is THE greatest tip I've seen in a long time!! I too have had my beloved Bible for 21 years now and the leather binding is coming apart, but I LOVE my treasured book.I could so relate to so much of what you said, it has been with me for so many seasons of life. This may be my solution also for the binding! Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. Better for it to be falling apart than to still look brand-new. Don't you just love duct tape? My son is a little obsessed with it, and he asks me to buy some every time we go to Target (I don't, but I know what he's getting for Christmas this year.)
    Your Bible looks beautiful in polka dots!


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